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Orchha (Pastoral Retreat)

In the year 1501, Maharaja Rudra Pratap Singh built a beautiful town named Orchha, with an abundance of natural beauty.This place showcases an exclusive range of archaeological monuments. The ambience of the town is very pleasing and it is located on the banks of river Betwa which adds to the serenity of the town.

The word Orchha means a hidden town, there are many ancient temples that were built in 16th and 17th century . Though it is a very small town but still it has lots of tourist attractions.. Attractions like Lakshmi Narayan Temple,Ram Raja temple, Jahangir Mahal, Rai Parveen Mahal, Raj Mahal, and Phool Bagh are worth visiting.

The Mural Paintings on the walls of the buildings and temples are another major attraction of the town.

Jahangir Mahal:

Jahangir Mahal, 17th century mansion, which was built by Bundela ruler, Bir Singh Deo. is inspired by Indo-Islamic style of architecture. Jahangir Mahal was constructed to honour Jahanghir on his first visit to Orchha. The building have elements like hanging balconies, topped domes, marvellous sculptures, delicate trellis and chhatris,etc.,represent an excellent architecture.

This palace was constructed for the symbol of friendship between the Bir Singh Deo and Jahangir. This majestic palace is a famous tourist destinationtourist destination for its grace and finest piece of architecture during Bundela Dynasty. The front wall of the palace faces to the east and is covered with turquoise tiles.


The bunch of the Chhatris along the Kanchana Ghatof the Betwa Riveris one of the magnificent and attractive features in Orchha. These Chhatris were made as a memorial of the rulers of Orchha in 17th and 18th century that tells you the glorious past of the Orchha rule.

There are total 14 Chhatris built together, which looks more or less like temples structure. The best time to visit these Chhatris are morning or evening, as the reflection of Chhatris fall on theBetwa river and makes it a spectacular view. Every Cenotaph stands out in its design, like , Bir Singh's Cenotaph has an Islamic features on it. King Mudhurak Shah's Cenotaph is the abode of Lord Ganesh.

Orchha Fort:

The Orchha Fort is main attraction of Orchha, which is located on an island of Betwa River. The three main complexes areRaj Mahal, situated on the right of the quadrangle, Jahangir Mahal, built elaborately in commemoration of the Empwroe Jahangir and The final palace is the Rai Parveen Mahal which is built in the name of the the musician and the poetess whose love story was outstanding.

The Orchha Fort is a narrator of the glorious past of the Orchha heritage. One interesting that that happens here is that Lord Rama here is worshipped as a king and not as a God like in the other parts of the country. Winters is the best time to visit the complex.

Chaturbhuj Temple:

The Chaturbhuj temple at Orchhawas constructed by Raja Madhukar in the 16th century and is an abode of the Lord Vishnu. It has its own unique charm like the other attractions of the place, it is built on a massive rock platform, opposite to the Raja Mahal. The name Chaturbhuj suggests that it is the temple of the one with four arms referring to Lard Vishnu. There are number stair that you have to climb to visit the temple. The view of the city from temple is extraordinary. The architecture of the exterior of the temple is inspired by the forts and lotus symbol is heavily used to decorate the walls of temple.

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