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Basilica of Bom Jesus


Goa is one of the most popular tourist destination of India throughout the year, it is blessed with an incredible coastline that is washed by the waters of the Arabian Sea. It has beautiful beaches.

The state is rich withhistory and heritage. Portuguese has made a big impact on the culture of Goa, one example of which is the magnificent churches built by them. Fort are also top tourist attractions as it gives magnificent views of the sea and the nearby surroundings.

There is lot to experience in Goa, from sightseeing and adventure to culture, and this is why it is a perfect holiday destination.

Basilica of Bom Jesus (UNESCO World Heritage Site)

The architecture of Basilica of Bom Jesus is not impressing on the first sight. It is like a treasure house of history, art and heritage. Besides being the only basilica of Goa, it houses the remains of St. Francis Xavier.

The basilica started constructing on 24th November, 1594. But until 1946 it was not given the status of "minor Basilica". It is a three-story structure, which is 75ft wide and almost 79ft tall, it is inspired by baroque architecture. The interior of the church are pretty simple, but the floor has been laid with brilliant marble. Precious stone have been used in the flooring.

There is an art gallery inside the church which contains paintings that depict various Biblical scenes.

Another tourist attraction is the Tomb of St. Xavier, The tomb is made of silver casket, which have silver panels that depicts 32 scenes from the life of the saint.

Goa Chitra Museum

Goa has many museums, one of which is the Goa Chitra Museum. The museum has a unique collection of traditional farming implements and other ancient tools of trade. They have a collection of more than 4000 objects in the museum. Chitra museum blends traditional elements with modern technologies.

In the museum, you can come across a wide range of exhibits which depicts the culture of Goa before the arrival of electricity. Many artifacts are on display like pruning andmarking implements, harvesting tools, sowing tools, cutting, besides others. Museum also depicts ancient modes of transport like caderin, palanquin and carriages.

Old Panjim

Almost all the Portuguese are housed in Old Panjim. Old Panjim is served as thecapital of the Portuguese for over 450 years.You can see the remains of that era in the various monuments. Fontainhas is also in top attractions of Old Goa. You can see a lot of influence in their architecture like brightly coloured houses in old Latin Quarter. Old Panaji has several landmark that can take you to the Portuguese era.

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