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Maharajas' Express Destinations

The sights throughout the Maharajas express train excursion to encompass a heady blend of worldwide historical sites, wildlife, artwork, lifestyle and royalty together with some particular insider stories at a few picks out destinations. stated below are all the locations which are blanketed in the 7 itineraries of the Maharaja train


Aurangabad - 'town constructed via Royalty' has to show off numerous historic tombs, monuments, and palaces reflecting the fine specimen of Mughal artwork & structure. The city is well-known for the production of advanced fine silk, handicraft objects and steel goods. With 13 gates of Ajanta & Ellora, throughout the city, Aurangabad is also known as 'town of Gates'.

Udaipur City of Lakes

The City of Lakes - Udaipur has numerous lakes, adding a dazzling element to the natural aura. positioned among the Aravallis, the herbal environment and rich cultural history make this location really worth touring. The antique forts also constitute the glorious records of the Rajputana.

The Blue City

The city has plentiful of historic castles to exhibit, reflecting the charisma of the times gone via. Jodhpur gets its call 'Blue town' because of the blue painted buildings around the famous Mehrangarh fortress. The top notch artwork and architecture may be visible in each attraction.

Gateway to Thar Desert

To enjoy distinctive camel safaris, gala's and fairs, Bikaner is the ideal vacation spot. The city has plentiful of ancient forts, monuments, palaces and temples well worth exploring. other than this, you may enjoy the mesmeric attraction in the wealthy lifestyle and history of the city.

The Pink City

The purple colour of the forts, palaces and havelis make this town be called as 'purple town'. The rich lifestyle & art, forts and palaces, reflect the royal thing of the place. This city also gets its call as 'The city of Victory' as this has been a battleground and witnessed grand victories.

Sawai Madhopur

Ranthambhore National Park is the main attraction making Sawai Madhopur surprisingly popular. The town is a busy city. The forests, guavas, forts, temples and many others., also make this location south-after. you may experience street shopping and local foods.

Taj Mahal

Agra, the city of love, has to showcase one of the UNESCO world heritage sites- Taj Mahal. apart from this first-rate specimen of Mughal artwork & architecture, you've got a good deal greater to discover just like the Agra citadel and Jama Masjid

The Ghost Town

Fatehpur Sikri is popularly called 'the ghost town'. This area turned into the capital of the Mughals for numerous years, but quickly got deserted because of the scarcity of water inside the region. The Fatehpur Sikri palace complicated has bountiful sights to explore. The city showcases the combination of Islamic and Hindu style in each architectural structure.

Pastoral Retreat

Orchha is worth visiting due to the splendid archaeological monuments. This City represents the rich cultural heritage that paints the photo of a wonderful beyond. You can also enjoy some tremendous Mural artwork at the partitions of the temples and other monuments.


Khajuraho is the area showing best examples of medieval historical past. The temples are favoured for the architectural and sculptural sheerness. The best engravings at the temple walls replicate the inventive excellence.

Varanasi: The City of Sacred Lights

'Land of Moksh', the maximum sacred destination, Varanasi is popularly referred to as Kashi or Banaras. that is one of the sizeable pilgrim centres in India. The herbal putting of the area could be very comfy and the locals are very pleasant. The Paan is another strong point of the place, other than the enthralling temples.

City of Nawab

'The Nawab city', Lucknow, is the town of royal people who are favoured for their mannerism, hospitality and particular style of greeting. Being the epitome of the Shia subculture, the tradition and lifestyle of the area is worth watching.

Gwalior Fort

'The former princely state of Madhya Pradesh, Gwalior is an vital ancient town. based by means of Suraj Sen, a prince of the Kachhwaha Rajput clan of the 18th century, it become a dream city of numerous rulers, especially because of its strategic vicinity.


Situated in the Kheda district of the West Indian kingdom of Gujarat, Balasinor is a small town. additionally, called Vadasinor, it changed into hooked up for the duration of the 18th century.

City of Djinns

The capital City of India is well worth travelling due to the numerous attractions that date back to Mughal dynasties and British generation. diverse historical monuments paint the picture of an excellent beyond. here are one-of-a-kind authorities’ homes, neighbourhood markets, temples, and so forth., to be explored.


Chettinad is a demonstration of a great time of history. It is home to lavish Chettinad Mansions having a place with the Chettiar people group. Think about the brilliant period of the Chettiars, wonder about the great manors, taste the delicious dishes or remember the pamper days with a stay at one of the chateaus. The enchanting town guarantees a recalling background


Home to one of the amazing living Chola Temples, Brihadeeswarar Temple- a UNESCO World Heritage Monuments, Thanjavur is an actual gem of South India. Come, be charmed by way of marvellous Dravidian temple structure, Tanjore artwork, cotton and silk sarees and the lush beauty of rural India.


The royal city of Karnataka, Mysore is the home of the Wodeyar. if you're type of a history buff or like to go to royal palaces, Mysore Palace, a World heritage site, displays the superb beyond of this city. A juxtaposition of the traditions and current attractions, this destination has something for everybody.


The UNESCO World Heritage site of Mahabalipuram is settled at the Coromandel Coast overlooking the Bay of Bengal. The ruins of the 7-8th century are marvellous architectures of the Pallava dynasty. From complicated bas-reliefs, temples, cave temples committed to Hindus and Jains, the institution of monuments are an affidavit of the bygone era.

Trivandrum (Thiruvananthapuram)

Deriving its name from the AnanthaPadmanabha Swamy Temple, Trivandrum is the capital city of Kerala. A major IT Hub in India, the town is known because of its undulating terrain of low coastal hills. The glorious city houses pristine beaches, splendid temples and historic monuments.


The ruins of Hampi, a UNESCO World Heritage site, transports the tourist to the past, bringing him head to head with the glories of the Vijayanagara Empire. every avenue here is dotted with an architectural surprise, and on each bend are stays waiting to be explored.


Goa, with its long coastline, is honoured with awesome shorelines that are scenes of enthusiastic celebrating, and in addition desert gardens of serenity. Its captivating history is reflected in its posts and great houses of worship, while the cascades, lakes and springs feature its awesome geology. This is the place you figure out how to celebrate.

Vembanad Lake

On the Vembanad Lake lies a bunch of little towns known as Kumarakom. This interesting town is as much acclaimed for its verdure concerning its backwaters. It additionally represents considerable authority in crafted works of different sorts, which are delivered in a conventional way. Once every year, Kumarakom has the Snake Boat Race, an occasion that pulls in voyagers in huge numbers.


Astonishing horizon, great Marine Drive, tremendous Chinese Fishing Nets and Fort Kochi finish the magnificent picture of Kochi also known as Cochin. The real business port has a long history going back to the thirteenth century and has been luring traders and holidaymakers since 6 centuries!

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